3D scanning in Holtun

In October of 2014 we collaborated with Guillermo de Anda and team to test out our system and workflow for 3D in-situ scanning of artifacts in the Holtun cenote (flooded sinkhole) in the Yucatan. Holtun is an amazing place with a natural shelf about 20 feet underwater on which rests human remains (most likely Maya sacrifice victims), animal remains, pottery, stone weapons, and jade. We scanned the shelf itself as well as many of the individual objects in extreme detail. The goal is to allow for making of accurate 3D models and replicas (through 3D printing) without having to remove the finds from the environment.

A few of the scans are shown in 3D below. When viewing in 3D click the button with two arrows on it to go into fullscreen mode for the best viewing experience.

Mandible by Corey Jaskolski on Sketchfab