About Corey

In the Beginning…

Corey Jaskolski graduated from MIT with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. While at MIT he also worked at unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) developer Bluefin Robotics, where he led the early development of the first pressure tolerant Lithium Polymer battery packs.

In 2001, Jaskolski spent several weeks aboard the Russian science vessel, the Academic Keldysh, in support of James Cameron’s documentary filming of the Titanic. During this expedition, Jaskolski got the opportunity to descend 12,500 feet to the wreck of the Titanic to support robotic operations. Jaskolski is featured in the film “Ghosts of the Abyss”, a Walt Disney picture that covers this expedition.

In Transition

More recently, Corey served as Director of Technology for a group at the National Geographic Society involved in developing marine imaging systems, deploying live web cams in challenging environments such as on the Belizean barrier reef, and capturing gigapixel spherical panoramic images of some of the world’s cultural icons.

Current Pursuits

Currently, Corey spends his time leading the development of Hydro Technologies’ Hull Penetrator Replacement System (HPRS), a magnetically coupled through metal power and data transmission system.

A Personal Touch

In his free time Corey enjoys hiking Colorado’s mountains with his wife, Ann, and daughter, Silver, and trying to see the world in a different light through his photography.

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